With the rapid development of modern instruments based on computer technology, virtual instruments emerge as the Times require high precision and stability, and it will gradually replace traditional instruments. USB virtual oscilloscope adopts USB interface technology, which combines the powerful computing and processing capacity of computer with the signal collection and control capacity of general hardware instruments, so as to realize the functions and friendly interface that cannot be realized by the general oscilloscope.

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Customer / Application Filed

Electric engineer/Amateur development Auxiliary tool

Production line/Performance testing equipment for electronic products

The course of science and technology of the school is assisted in teaching

Field engineer/Troubleshooting equipment for maintenance


Product feature

Real sampling rate :80M Hz

The frequency range of sine waves: 1~25M Hz

Storage depth 64 bytes for one channel

Input Voltage range(-5V~+5v)/ (-50V~+50v)

2channel input

USB2.0portUSB powered

Support Win XP~Win 10

Support hardware trigger





Cost effective

Portable and save desktop space

Strong software, easy to upgrade



Technical support / Software download